Chapter 1: Reaching Minds
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King Solomon’s Ring. Konrad Lorenz. 1952. This deceptively simple account of Lorenz’s animals and birds is a fine introduction to the science of ethology. With drawings by the author.

Comments on the 1950s applications and extensions of Skinner’s operant psychology.” Edward K. Morris. 2003. The Behavior Analyst 26:281–95.

When the President appointed me.” Karen Pryor. 1995. On Behavior, chap. 15.

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Photos: Wolf Park

Video: Clicker trained wolves at Wolf Park

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Marine Mammal Commission

The Skinner Foundation

Wolf Park, Battle Ground, Indiana

Sea Life Park

Karen with rat on her shoulder

“Karen Pryor explores new discoveries in animal learning, looks at old concepts with a fresh perspective, and tells a masterful story throughout. This book should fascinate the scientist, the trainer, and the casual animal lover all at the same time. Karen has always been a compelling storyteller, but this book truly caps off her amazing career. As an animal-care professional, I would put this on the required reading list for everyone who works with or cares about animals.”

Ken Ramirez
Shedd Aquarium, and author of Animal Training