Chapter 2: Shaping
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Photos: Sea Life Park Gallery

Video: Spotted and Spinner Dolphins
Video: False Killer Whale Double Jump
Video: Shaping Demonstration: Blowing Bubbles
Video: Spinner Dolphins Spinning
Video: Boomer High-Five
Video: Puppy Chase Game
Video: Scotty with Ball

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Sea Life Park

Group of spinner dolphins porpoising

“Karen Pryor shows how clicker training has solved problems that traditional training methods could not solve, or worse, that those methods caused. The clarity of her descriptions enables the reader to start basic clicker training right away. Moreover, the book helps readers gain awareness of their own ways of controlling others. Any time criticism, jerking, or punishing can be replaced with clicker training methods, everyone benefits. The more that people follow the principles in this book, the better off the world will be.”

Julie Vargas
author of Behavior Analysis for Effective Teaching