Chapter 2: Shaping
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Photos: Sea Life Park Gallery

Video: Spotted and Spinner Dolphins
Video: False Killer Whale Double Jump
Video: Shaping Demonstration: Blowing Bubbles
Video: Spinner Dolphins Spinning
Video: Boomer High-Five
Video: Puppy Chase Game
Video: Scotty with Ball

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Sea Life Park

Group of spinner dolphins porpoising

“Karen Pryor explores new discoveries in animal learning, looks at old concepts with a fresh perspective, and tells a masterful story throughout. This book should fascinate the scientist, the trainer, and the casual animal lover all at the same time. Karen has always been a compelling storyteller, but this book truly caps off her amazing career. As an animal-care professional, I would put this on the required reading list for everyone who works with or cares about animals.”

Ken Ramirez
Shedd Aquarium, and author of Animal Training