Chapter 4: Feelings
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Behavior and Learning in Porpoises and Whales.” Karen Pryor. 1974. Die Naturwissenschaften 6:412.

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Video: Fainting Fish (Training a fish to swim through a hoop)
Video: Attila Szkukalek's Charlie Chaplin Routine with Fly
Video: Panda Catch

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Charlie Chaplin and his dog

“Pryor strikingly demonstrates how ethological expertise—knowledge of a subject’s basic biology and behavior—is a prerequisite for success in animal training. Her knowledge of the differing capacities of various species, of their instinctual and sensory processes and their malleability, of how this information can be exploited in relationship to humans, are underlying factors that most other books on the subject ignore.”

Irene Pepperberg
author of Alex and Me