Chapter 12: Intention
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Behavior Analysis for Teachers. Julie S. Vargas. 2009. New York: Lawrence Erlbaum Associates. A groundbreaking textbook on the science of teaching.

The Teacher’s Craft: The 10 Essential Skills of Effective Teaching. Paul Chance. 2006. Long Grove, IL: Waveland Press. A behavioral guide to using evidence-based best practices for teaching. If you are a school-teacher, this book will make you proud of what you do.

A Dolphin-Human Fishing Cooperative in Brazil.” Karen Pryor, Jon Lindbergh, Scott Lindbergh, and Raquel Milano. 1990. Marine Mammal Science 6:1.

Don’t Shoot the Dog!: The New Art of Teaching and Training. Rev. ed. Karen Pryor. 1999. Audio, 6 CD set, read by the author.

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Karen Pryor Academy (online and hands-on instruction for trainers)

Guide Dogs for the Blind, San Rafael, California

TAGteach International LLC;

Fishermen in hardhats

“Karen Pryor explores new discoveries in animal learning, looks at old concepts with a fresh perspective, and tells a masterful story throughout. This book should fascinate the scientist, the trainer, and the casual animal lover all at the same time. Karen has always been a compelling storyteller, but this book truly caps off her amazing career. As an animal-care professional, I would put this on the required reading list for everyone who works with or cares about animals.”

Ken Ramirez
Shedd Aquarium, and author of Animal Training